Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes Please - Just Need To Win Lotto!

Mr Mel and I have a goal to have our own property, to run our own stock, horses, cattle, goats, and grow our own meat, milk, cheese, eggs, and veggies.  We almost bought a small 5 acre property 18 months ago when we bought our first home, but the timing wasn't right, Mr Mel had just gone out working for himself, and had moved up here from Sydney.  So we decided to buy a lovely house in town, which we adore. But long term we want to have some property.

To that end I have an ongoing search registered with for property in our area.  Yes it could be considered a bit of self torture, but who knows I might stumble across a bargain one day!

If we happen to win Lotto soon, this one would be a very welcome acquisition to our property portfolio of 1!!

OurLotto purchase - should we win!
It's only on 5 acres, so not too much work, ideally we'd like about 25 acres, but hey if we win Lotto maybe we can buy the property next door too!  More info at listing  (I have no connection to the vendors or agents, just in love with the property!)

Till next time,

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