Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Windy Wet Wintery Wednesday

Driving to work today the one lane bridge I cross each morning, which usually has a trickle about 8 feet down, is currently a fast running creek around 1 foot under the bridge, the paddocks on the farms surrounding work are looking more like very big swimming pools, and the cattle & horses don't look anything more than miserable.

Luckily where I work is mostly elevated, so only the low parts of the farm are under water, but everywhere else feels like you're walking on a very wet sponge, water squelching out underfoot each step.

So far this week we've had around 90mls, that's just from 1am Monday morning (currently 9am Wednesday).

The forecast isn't looking like much improvement is on the way, below is the current Bureau of Meteorology map
Bureau of Meterology Map (source)
BOM are forecasting 90-100mls today, with wind gusts up to 90km/h!  The rivers in the area are rising, with some due to burst their banks today.

It seems June is the month for massive downpours, a couple of weeks before I moved up here from Victoria, in July 2007 there were the 'June 2007 Hunter Floods' where 10 lives were lost during horrid 2 day storm.

In June 2009 Mr Mel and I had his family up from Sydney for a weekend, and we (8 adults, 3 kids) were just about housebound for the weekend, one trip saw us being the last cars across a soon to be flooded causeway!

Now 2 years later in June 2011, a similar sort of scenario to 2009 is settling in, with heavy rain forecast through to Friday this week, then hopefully a few days to dry out, before I head to Sydney next week to sell our colt!

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