Friday, May 27, 2011

Lusting over Art!

On my mind this Friday, is my current Lusting over Art!

As I've mentioned more than a few times, I rented for about 16 years, and when you're a renter you usually have little choice/input into your decor, and since we bought our house 2 years ago (in July!) I've found it a bit hard to get out of renters mode, and decorate/organise our home how we want it.

One of the areas I really want to tackle is the artwork in our home.  I adore art, anywhere we go, I'm drawn like a moth or bower bird perhaps, to any artwork hanging in the house/restaurant/vineyard/shop.

I have collected some art in my travels, and they will definitely be finding their way onto our walls in the coming month or so, before everyone arrives for our wedding!

This is one of the prints we have to hang, I bought it with the first cheque I received for my business, back in 2001!  It has been hung in every rental since, and will be the first onto the wall.  I first saw it in a restaurant in Ireland and fell in love, I knew I had to have it.

The lovely Lepa Zena (photo source)
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Lepa Zena
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Another of my prints, waiting to be hung, I found at the Racing Museum at Newmarket in England. Fittingly titled 'We Three Kings' it depicts the legends Arkle, Red Rum and Desert Orchid.
We Three Kings - Arkle, Red Rum, Desert Orchid (photo source)
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We Three Kings
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I found the website through a blog I love - Young House Love, after reading about one of their art hanging projects. Good and bad that I found  good that I've found soo many pieces of art I love, but bad in that our budget probably won't love them as much as I do.

My Lust List so far!!:

Stunning Gerbera's in a spectrum of colour, would be gorgeous for a girls bedroom, or in a bathroom
Gerbera Spectrum (photo source)
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Gerbera Spectrum
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An old favourite, never fails to bring a smile to my dial when I see it, so sweet, would love it in our future kids room.
Giraffe, first kiss (photo source)
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Giraffe, First Kiss
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Just stunning, yes another for our future kids room, the poor kidlets won't have any option but to love animals!
Big ears (photo source)
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Big Ears
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I could see this above our bed, so lovely and the colours are exactly what I'd love in our bedroom, uplifting yet relaxing and soothing.
Rows of Cherry Trees, Minnesota (photo source)
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Rows of Cherry Tress in an Orchard, M...
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One for the kitchen, such a nice shot, love the colours
Woman in Bangalore India carrying Paw Paw & Bananas (photo source)
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Local Woman Balancing Paw...
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And one for our study, inspiration for our future plans to have our own small farm, with a menagerie of animals, and becoming as self-sufficient as we possibly can.
Tranquility Farm, even the name is inspiring! (photo source)
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Tranquil Farm, c.1994
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So that is what's on my mind this chilly Friday morning!

Thanks to Rhonda from the Down To Earth blog for her 'Friday On My Mind' feature, as she says on her blog "Slow down, take the time to cruise around and enjoy your cyber visits".

Till next time,

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