Monday, May 2, 2011

Addicted to: TYPO

No not making them, which I admit I do more often than I would prefer, but the shop TYPO.

Typo - love it!
When I go to a shopping centre, I always note the first store I see as I enter from the carpark, so I remember where I've parked (yes I have one of those stories about losing my car in a multi-level carpark! for another time perhaps).  So on my first visit to Charlestown Square about 5 weeks ago, as I entered the centre from the 2nd story car park, the name TYPO in cute typeface jumped out at me.  Being a bit of a stationary junkie I couldn't resist.

I've not seen a shop like Typo before, they describe themselves as 'a one-stop concept store with irresistible products'.  Irresistible should be in capital letters!  Plus they're reasonably priced, oh dear god, give me strength!

That first day I went they were have a 20% off sale, I picked up some quirky & unique greeting cards, some with a wicked sense of humour.  So I picked up 5 for $10, bargain. I also picked up some 20cm letters to use as decorations for our wedding.

On my second visit, this Saturday just gone I picked up a white metal mail holder, literally the word 'mail' on 2 sides in white metal, with a white metal bottom connecting them, perfect for on our sideboard where our mail gets thrown, looks great, must get a photo!

The product list on their website is very limited and doesn't do the store justice, it's seriously a treasure trove it bits & bobs that are very very tempting!

Items I'm lusting over incl :

- Funky Paris scape laptop soft case
- Hardcover notebooks
- Recipe Book
- 8 window print in pinks & blues - just lovely, has a pic of a horse, some birds, and other cutesy stuff (can't remember oops), perfect for our 2nd room, 1 day kids room!

They also have lots of little items perfect for gifts, I'm eyeing off a few for Xmas pressies already!

And no this isn't a paid endorsement, just a rave about something I found, and love!

Till next time,


  1. I found out about Typo through another blog and am dying for the opportunity to check out a store.
    I think it would be very easy to become addicted.

  2. Hi Peta, be warned the place is very addictive!! :)

  3. I love this store too! Do you also like Kikki K? I liked Smiggle until I found out about these two :)

  4. Hi Scather, I do like Kikki K, but find them a bit on the pricey side.



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