Friday, May 6, 2011

Unleash the pic!

Ok so it's time to bite the bullet, so many people have their photo as their profile, and I admit I've been too scared to list mine, I HATE HATE HATE photos of myself, and rarely take a good one, so the lack of choice of an ok-ish pic has also played it's part, but mainly I've been a chicken (and not in the good chickadee way that Mr Mel calls me!).

So here it is, unleashed, this is moi!  And will be my profile pic from now, unless I again chicken out and revert to my old one :)
Me!  Eeek!
The much cuter profile pic, our pug!
I'm hoping the diet we're on (Great Australian Diet) will also result in me being able to get a better photo to use on my profile, but till now this is it!  Please be kind!

Till next time,


  1. Mel so good to see you. And that is a nice picture, nothing wrong with your face. I think it nice to see the people whose blogs we follow. I can understand keeping privacy, but again a picture of the writer always seems friendlier.

  2. Thanks Jan! I was and am still a little hesitant, I pulled the post after putting it live, but it's back, for now!!!

  3. I agree ... keep the photo - it's great!

  4. Thanks Sammy :) I've not wavered, yet!!

  5. Mel I must admit I clicked on your photo on my followers list wondering who the beautiful girl was. I think you should quit worrying it is a great pic. B

  6. That's very sweet of you Buttons :) I'm getting a little more comfortable with it!



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