Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toastabags - success

I must admit when I saw the 'Toastabags' at Aldi recently I was a tad sceptical, however my longing for a toasted sanga for lunch at work, and lack of a sandwich maker in the kitchen at work convinced me to give them a try.
The claim is that you can make a toasted sandwich in a normal toaster, something we personally have needed for a while, since Mr Mel's 'melted cheese all over and in toaster' fiasco.

So I headed home from Aldi with 2 x 2 pack, one pack for home, one pack for my work.

Today was trial day, Mr Mel had made me a lovely poached chicken, avocado & cheese sandwich, on pumpkin seed bread, delicious fresh, but the best when toasted.

I had visions of the pocket melting all through the toaster, luckily as per the photos below, the toaster is ancient and mucky, so if it died it was no big loss!  I have been asking for close to 4 years for a new toaster, and have a note stuck in the kitchen - "clean up after yourself, the kitchen fairy has quit!" but to no avail!

Let the test begin:
Empty pocket ready for the test run
Poached chicken, avocado & cheese on pumpkin seed sanga
Uhoh - not gonna fit
Some sacrifice was needed
As snug as a sanga in a pocket!
Ready for deployment into depths of manky work toaster
A tight fit, poking & prodding to load was required - I thought it was for sure not coming out ever!
toast it my pretty manky beast toast it
Some manhandling required to 'pop' it up - but looks promising
More toasted on one side than the other
But that's more due to the dodgy toaster I think!
Extremely happy to report that the Toastabags were a success, first try I'd give it a 8/10, perhaps if I'd used smaller bread it would be a 10/10, but an 8 is excellent, especially for an Aldi product.  And the price of $2.95 for a 2 pack is outstanding, considering the pockets are reusable!

Woohoo. Toasted sangas will now feature heavily in my work lunches, and will be a saving grace during the foaling season when checking mares from midnight till 7am!!!

Till next time,


  1. What a fantastic find, did you see anything like that for those disgusting manky work microwaves and that makes me think about the disgusting dishwashers in work staff rooms that I've been subjected over the years but never used. Holy hell, you can picture the germs floating through the air can't you? I'II have to get those bags for my son, because he takes sandwiches to work and I think he uses a manky toaster. He's an auto electrician all bloke environment, oh my the germs generating there. Can't bear to think about it.

  2. Now that is a find!!!

    Excuse me, I'm off to Aldi.... :)

  3. Over her in WA we don't have Aldi but they would have come in handy just for toast. After I saw the mouse jump out I was a bit iffy about using the toaster again.




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