Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brrrr Hello Winter, We Meet Again

Day 1 of running the farm for 2 weeks with the boss away, and by crikeys it's cold!

Left home at 6am for the 20 min drive to the farm, our iron front fence was covered in ice, and the front lawn was white & crunchy. Mr Mel put some water on the front windscreen while I ran around inside looking for gloves, by the time I got to the car the new water was frozen too!

Driving to the farm the paddocks looked like the were covered in snow.

Got to the farm at 6.30am after stopping at Woolworths to buy some el cheapo gloves & a beanie (yes a good look I know). The weather station said -2 deg, excellent!

I was adorned with 2 singlets, a long sleeve top, a zip up jacket, scarf, beanie, and gloves, and still the icy wind went through me. After 2 mins on the quad I couldn't feel my fingers, always a good sign.

Luckily all the horses were in good order, so I didn't have to fumble with frozen fingers and undone rug straps, and even luckier all of the horses must have decided it was too cold to have their usual play with the trough floats, so I didn't have to go shoulder deep to fix the float, yay!

At 7.30 when I'd finished it was 0 deg, it's now 10am and it's 7 deg, and the paddocks have lost their cover of frost, hopefully the sun will have a bit more warmth to it before the afternoon feedup!

And I must say, thank whatever god there is for coffee!!! :-)

Till next time,

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