Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now that's a crusty roll!

The joys of living in a small country town, on the way to work this morning I dropped into the bakery/cafe in the main street to pick up a bread roll to go with my pumpkin soup (home made) for lunch.

I ask the lady "Do you have any crusty rolls", she replies "Sure Luv here you go", puts the roll in paper bag, I hand over the $ and pick up the bag, in doing so I feel a very soft uncrusty roll, so say "Oh excuse me I was after a crusty roll to have with soup, I think you've picked up the wrong one", her reply "Nah that's it Luv, just take it out of the bag and leave it on the bench till lunch and it'll be crusty", I smile thinking she's joking, to see her serious face which lets me know she's not joking. Knowing any further discussion will get me nowhere I smile and head out the door.

I think the lovely lady thinks that stale = crusty! Learn something new every day :-)   Gave me a giggle :)

Till next time,

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