Sunday, June 6, 2010

The eventual rainy weekend menu

Well we headed out shopping early, and our planned menu, had a couple of couple of changes, due to what we saw at the butcher, and Mr Mel's 'feel' for the day!We ended up cooking :

Pumpkin soup - was delish, we bought a whole pumpkin, so did 2 batches, we had it for lunch today with some Morpeth sourdough, have a container in the freezer full, and giving our neighbour about 4-5 serves worth.  I do like a thick soup, so next time I might use a little less stock to see if that helps it thicken up a bit. It's a Campbells recipe from the Masterchef site, but we didn't use their stock, just made our own Vegeta stock.
The recipe is at

White Chocolate Panna Cotta
- we'd never made a panna cotta before, it turned out well, but way too rich for us, due to not having rammekins (spelling?) we filled tea cups about 3/4 full, Mr Mel got through his, but I left just over 1/3rd. The recipe we used from the website included a Rosewater Syrup, however living in a country town that isn't big on 'unusual' ingredients, we couldn't find any, so I made a syrup from a spare lemon & ginger teabag that was in the pantry.  The syrup was nice. Next time I think we'll try a plain vanilla Panna Cotta, to see if it was just the white choc being too rich.  Also had an issue not being able to locate gelatin leaf, so use powdered, and it seemed to work just as well.

The recipe is at

Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce
- After salivating through a Masterchef Masterclass where Gary cooked some ribs, we had to give them a go. Our butcher didn't have the specified 'Pork Spare Ribs', but recommended his other ribs, they were more 'Flintstoney' with a big curve to them instead of the neat flat ones Gary used. We didn't have time to marinate them for the suggested 3-4 hours or overnight, so ended up cooking them for about 2.5hrs instead of the recipes 1.5hrs!  Some of the ribs pulled out of the meat, and when cutting them to separate the knife went thru like butter, soooo tender.  After about 2 hrs, the sauce wasn't really thick and sticky, so I added about a table spoon of honey an another of flour, to add some more stickiness, and to help the sauce thicken up. We felt quite barbaric ripping into them with our hands, covered to the wrists in sticky sauce, but oh my they were magnifique!! They're definitely going on the party food list.

The recipe is at

Sambal Oelek
- We are growing a chilli plant that just will not stop giving us chillies, it's ridiculous, we had a plastic bag in the freezer, plus some in the fridge, and some drying in the pantry. We haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the photo on the recipe, shall report back once tasted!

The recipe is at

Poached Eggs, Roast Potato, Capsicum, Chorizo, Coriander
- We are cooking tonight for dinner, the recipe looks delish, and it's 5 things we love to eat, plus Mr Mel is an ace egg poacher :) Shall report back after dinner! The recipe is from a blog I follow Portugese Kitchen.

The recipe is at

Thanks to Lorraine @
Not Quite Nigella & Portugese Kitchen for your comments :-)

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