Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CM Challenge! Did I Do It? Yep I Did :)

Well it's been 4 weeks, and the good news is my uniform fits well, currently wearing it, there are no buttons straining about to burst, which is always a good thing!

I had set myself the aim of losing 2.5cm off my bust & hips, happy to say that I've surpassed my aims, and am very very happy about that.

Final Day
Weight - 129.8kg (-3.4kg)
Bust - 120.0cm (-4cm)
Waist - 114.0cm (-6cm)
Hips - 139.0cm (-5cm)

The ongoing challenge, is to keep all the numbers tumbling down, the benefits are too numerous to say, obviously, health, fitness are big results, plus it will help give us our best chance to fall pregnant, after I look smashing (well more smashing than I would've), in a wedding dress, when we finally get round to getting married!

Till next update,

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