Friday, July 9, 2010


Back over the June long weekend, the Hunter Valley Gardens held 
Of course with Mr Mel & I being a little bit foodie, we had to go.

We sat at the stage and watched a cooking demo by Chris Cranswick-Smith of Emmilou Tapas in Surry Hills, and Janelle Bloom of Ready Steady Cook, it was a good show, but for the life of me I can't remember what Chris cooked, he was miked up and all I remember his him dropping the 'C' bomb when he couldn't get one of the items on the plate. Everyone in the crowd sort of looked at each other, saying 'did he really say that', I don't think Chris even realised he had, but I'm sure he does now, as his wife was sitting in the front row!

Following that piece of stellar entertainment we :

  • sat in on a Beer & BBQ matching class from James Squire, beer was a bit strong for me but Mr Mel loved it
  • lined up for 1/2 an hour for a bratwurst that was magnificent.
  • tucked into some beautifully savoury Peruvian sweet potato donuts.
  • tasted lots of dips/sauces/jams/tapenades/dukkas/honeys/olive oils.
  • fell in love with lemon myrtle cheesecake, sooooo delish, we bought some of the lemon myrtle powder
  • sat on the grass with a Ethica coffee listening to Irish folk music.
  • tasted about 12 different wines, most we'd tasted before, but never pass up free wine :)

the main stage, where Chris dropped the C bomb!
about 5 mins before he dropped it!
Delicious Peruvian Sweet Potato Donuts
James Squire Beer & Barbee demo
The chilli kransky was temporarily sold out, we went with the bratwurst, delish

After we'd eaten and drank our fill we walked around the Hunter Valley Gardens, the odd thing was it usually costs $25 to get into the Gardens, Flavourfest was $23.50, with full access to the Gardens!

Some pics below from around the gardens.

All in all a terrific day, and we'll go back next year.

Looking forward to the Chocolate Festival in early August!

Till next time,

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