Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday House :)

It's amazing how time flies, it's 12 months today that we settled on our home. We put the offer in on 7th April 2009, and due to issues with an unapproved extension that had to go through council approval before we didn't end up settling until 13 July.

During those 3 months I stalked the local council website, they listed DA's on their site, and drove by the house at least every 2nd day or so, just to make sure they were looking after it :-)

This Saturday, 17th July, will be 12 months since we moved in, and we have a bottle of our favourite bubbles Dolce Per Tutti from Petersons Champagne House, to toast our first House birthday/anniversary. We bought 2 bottles in Jan 2009, cracked the first one on our verandah the day we moved in, and will be repeating the dose this Saturday :-)

We have made a few improvements since moving in, we've replaced the fan & lights in kitchen, had an island bench, with stone benchtop, made for the kitchen, and have redesigned the back yard.

Over the past year hopefully we'll be able to get a built in wardrobe put into the 2nd bedroom, repaint that room, get a dishwasher, and redo the front garden.

Till next time,

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