Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Minor Victory, on the Pug Front

Every day this week I have got an email at work from Mr Mel (works from home) along the lines of "the pug's in the bad books again, he's #*#* on the concrete".

To explain, the pug doesn't like getting his feet wet, so when it rains, which it's done all week, he won't cross the wet grass to get to the palm tree to use the amenities so to speak, he just relieves himself on the concrete in front of the garage, under carport roof.

By the time I've got home I'm faced with one annoyed Mr Mel, and a pug very happy to see me, who doesn't get why Mr Mel won't come play like usual.

I asked Mr Mel if he'd done the 'angry voice' with the pug to let him know it's not a game, and that he should be doing his business up the back where he knows he should. Mr Mel has been reassuring me he has been, but with the pug being my dog originally, and Mr Mel not being a dog person till he met the pug, I had my doubts.

So last night I got home to same situation, I stormed out the back, grabbed the pug by scruff of neck, walked him up to the evidence, pointed at it and said 'naughty naughty dog' in a really growly voice, the pug absolutely hates that voice and whenever you say naughty like that to him his ears drop, and he looks sheepish, he knows he's in trouble.

So I gave him a few naughty dogs (after he tried jumping on me wanting to play after not seeing me all day), and closed the curtains so he couldn't see us.

Later in the night, we've opened the curtains again, and there goes Mr Pug, off his bed, crossing the wet grass, up to the palm tree, and does his business.

So I have a bit smile, turn to Mr Mel saying 'woohoo', his response? 'Bleeping little bleeper wouldn't listen to me would he', then he started smiling, so I think under the male ego hit, he's enjoying our minor victory.  
Butter wouldn't melt!
Till next time,

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