Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello Bright Sparkly Gorgeousness Thing

After 18 years driving old cars (my cars 1991 - bought a 1980 car, 1994 - bought a 1987 car, 1999 - bought a 1992 car, 2004 bought a 1996 car), I, well we have bitten the bullet and bought a new car.

At this stage I'm calling him/her 'Bright Sparkly Gorgeousness Thing', I'm sure we'll shorten that quickly :)

We bought a 2007 car in April, and got an excellent deal on it ($5k under what current listed for on Carsales & Redbook), so when my 1996 Mazda blew a radiator ($600), then blew a water pump ($700), then blew something else enginey (we didn't get fixed), we thought that'll do, and decided to get rid of it and get a 'new' 2nd car.

Little did we know a few weeks later did we know that 'new' 2nd car would actually be a New 2nd car :-)

We sold the Mazda through Gumtree, I listed it last Wednesday, warts and all, said needs mechanical repairs, etc etc, and low and behold 9am Sunday we got a call, they came to inspect at 11am and we were waving the Mazda goodbye at about 11.30!

We went round to the local dealers, we'd done the same a few weeks ago, and had put together a list of options. We've been researching madly, speaking to friends in 'the business', and came to realise that a new car isn't as awful as we'd always thought.

We ended up with a Hyundai i30, we got a 2 litre one for the price of a 1.6 litre, and negotiated a discount off that, plus got tinted windows & metallic paint thrown in. It has a 5 year unlimited km warranty, plus an additional 3 year dealer warranty.

It's got room in the boot for a pram & shopping (for the near future hopefully!), and NRMA rated it the best car under $30,000 in 2008 & 2009, plus it has a high safety rating. So while we said we'd never ever buy a new car, we have. Our offset has taken a bit of a hit, but we're happy with our decision :-)

Here's Mr/Ms Bright Sparkly Gorgeousness

Till next time,

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