Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rockwiz - Newcastle show

Now before any fans of the terrific show Rockwiz get too excited, my camera was having issues and our seats were closer to the back than the front, so my one measly photo is quite pathetic, but it kind of gives you the vibe :)
Mr Mel & I are big fans of Rockwiz, yes Mr Mel has a crush on Julia, but hey I can't blame him, she rocks!

Back in early April we went along to the Rockwiz tour show at Newcastle.

Guests were Adalita from Magic Dirt, Angry Anderson, John Paul Young, Megan Washington.  Instead of the normal 2 celebs, there were 2 teams of 2 celebs, and they did half the show each, then all came back at the end for a song.

One of the audience who got on stage was a singing teacher, she was brilliant, stole the spotlight, another guy was a classic, tone deaf, but sang his heart out, albeit looking at the floor!

The spontaneity of the gags/humour/general flow was brilliant, we were laughing our heads off and singing along, was a terrific night. Everyone in the crowd were just so into the scene and music, the massive stadium had quite an intimate feel.

Julia, Brian and the Rockwiz crew sang one of my fave songs 'Come On Up To The House', was spine tingling, loved it.

All in all a huge thumbs up for the show, I hope they do it again soon!

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