Friday, July 2, 2010

Mmmmm blackberries - update 6th July with photos

One of the blogs/sites I regularly visit is The Pioneer Woman, I long to one day have a property where we can raise kids and livestock, and I can spend alot more time on things I love, rather than working the 55+ hours a week I do at my job, where I end up squeezing in the things I love in the time left over.

Don't get me wrong I love my job (for the most part), but I do long for a simpler or should I say less job focussed life.

Anyway I digress, I was just looking at Ree's site, and on the right there is a lipsmacking photo of blackberry iceream being made.

Now while I admit to having quite a few weaknesses on the food front (remember I'm a tad over 'ideal' weight!!), I have an absolute obsession with blackberries.

I grew up in country Victoria, we had blackberry bushes on our lane, my sister and I would regularly come home from picking berries for mums jam with 1/2 a bucket and purple faces/tongues/hair (yes I was an albino child).

On the property Mr Mel and I will one day own, I will be planting some blackberry bushes, sure some call them pests/weeds, but I'll have none of it, they are delicious little bursts of goodness.

So the point of this post? On the Pioneer Woman site I've just found a recipe I will be making this weekend:

Blackberry Cobbler
- it just looks divine, sure it won't help me with my 'Can We Do It' weight loss, but bugger it, I'm making and enjoying it this weekend :)

Not sure if I can post pics from the PW site, so here's a gratuitous shot of some gorgeously scrumptious blackberries.

I shall be back with photos & review :)

Update 6th July - Well I made the blackberry cobbler, only problem there were no fresh blackberries so I remembered I had a couple of bags of blackberries in the freezer, only to find when I was ready to start cooking, they are mixed berries, oops!

The recipe was ultra easy, I think using the still frozen berries was a bit of a mistake, they didn't sit up high in the batter like in the recipe photos, and sort of mushed and sunk to the bottom while cooking, so my photos look nothing like Pioneer Womans!

I whipped up some cream (yes not great for my weight loss challenge I know), and it was delicious, had a lovely crunchy top due to the sprinkle of raw sugar, and the sponge was tasty, as you'll see from the photos it didn't 'plate up' very appetising, but looks were deceiving!

I have printed the recipe and it's made it to our 'folder of stuff we like'  :-)

The cobbler ready to go in the oven, note the clumps of frozen blue/black/rasp/berries, I think they were the main issue with the end result looking a bit odd, and being a tad messy to serve.
The cobbler fresh out of the oven, it should have had little blackberries poking through all over, but they sort of mushed into the middle and bottom, still tasted lovely!
I actually liked the end look, found it quite organic looking, like a landscape :) A closeup of the centre.
And served up for a special treat for DP & I, the cream took forever to whip, but was worth it!

Thanks Ree, your recipe was delish :)

Till next time,

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