Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have I Said How Much I Hate BAS?

I don't think I have, so I'll say it again I HATE BAS, HATE HATE HATE IT.

The worse thing of running a business, especially a small business, is all the paperwork, it is just depressing.

I work full-time, and Mr Mel & I have a business that we both work at/in (home based), his working it full-time, I'm doing it whenever I can. I'm also in charge of the paperwork side of it, the evil MYOB & more evil BAS.

I usually work around a 9.5 - 10 hour day at work, and when I get home don't really feel like getting stuck into spreadsheets, MYOB, tax, filing etc, so inevitably I end up a couple of days out from BAS deadline, running around like a headless chook.

So needless to say tomorrow 28 July is the deadline for the next BAS, and I'm one headless chook.

Ahhhhhhh, at least it'll be over soon, for another couple of months!!

I've promised myself, and made Mr Mel keep me to it, that over the next 2 months I'll get caught up on all the paperwork, so next BAS isn't so bleeding painful!

We shall see.
Till next time,

Update 28th July - I finished the BAS last night around 10pm, after 2 coffees, a bit of foul language, and some unappreciated laughing from Mr Mel!!   Till next time we meet evil Bas.........

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